6' Rail Polaris Quad Bar System With Mats

6' Rail Polaris Quad Bar System With Mats

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Polaris Quad Bar Complete 6' Mat System Includes:

Four 6' Carboflex Rails
6' long, bi-fold 12cm landing mats, with hook and loop fasteners for the mats to attach together and form a square layout (13' x 13' footprint)
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The Polaris Quad Bar System is a multi-functional set of bars which can be used for all program levels from preschool to team. There are 100’s of set ups which can accommodate different skill development, training, conditioning and obstacle courses.
System includes:
  • 1 - Center upright column
  • 4 - Outside upright columns
  • 4 - 6' Rails
  • 1 - Quad bar mat system for 6' rails
Each Rail Section:
  • Highest setting is 167.6cm (5'6")
  • Lowest setting is 20.3 cm (8")
  • Adjust in 1" increments

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