NEW! Adjustable Single Bar Trainer with Men's Rail

NEW! Adjustable Single Bar Trainer with Men's Rail

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Training High Bar with short cable system and adjustable height!


The single bar trainer includes a Men's steel rail (#GN3110).
Additional rail options available, and sold seperately are:
Women's Soft Fiberglass Rail (#GN3260)
Women's Hard Fiberglass Rail (#GN3262)
NEW! Fiber Rail (#GN3565)
NEW! Junior Pink Fiber Rail (#GN3268)

This set is supplied with all anchoring hardware, plus a pair of pivots for pit mounting. An additional low, flat, connecting bar for floating floors is also available (#5176-200). 

ITEM NO: 5176-010-M
  • Maximum height: 275cm (9')
  • Minimum height: 95cm (3'1")
  • Rail adjusts in 20cm (8") then 10cm (4") increments
  • Instant assembly, dismantling and tension adjustment via rapid tensioners.
  • Supplied with low cross bar, which acts as a pivot (2 special pivots are supplied for pit mounting)

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