Spieth 8' x 4' x 20cm - VEO

Spieth 8' x 4' x 20cm - VEO

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Competition Landing Mat - 8' x 4' x 20cm - Hook and Loop Fastener Ends Only, Folding
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Landing Mats are made using top layer polyethylene foam that’s known for shock absorption, compression resistance and cushioning properties. We also use prime, virgin polyurethane foam that’s completely free from undesirable chemical fillers. It’s an important distinction because inferior mats that use these fillers have far less longevity. Successive layering of foams, beginning and ending with the softer of the two polyurethane foams, builds the ‘no-sting’ feature right into the landing mat.

Other details include:

  • Heavy-duty, 18oz. close-woven vinyl made from coated polyester for durability
  • All landing mats are manufactured with 1 1/4” Trocellen polyethylene foam
  • Mats available in standard widths and lengths in 12cm and 20cm thickness; options include Velcro on the ends (VEO) or Velcro on all 4 sides (V4S) and folding or non-folding. Velcro flaps are also available to connect mats together.

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